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My Eclipse Plugin List

Today i updated my Eclipse 3.5 M7 to the final 3.5. Here are my plugin list:


  • PropEdit – nice Propertyeditor which can handle UTF-8 correctly
  • Spring-IDE – Beansearch, Contexteditor with content assistant
  • FindBugs - Check your code for bugs
  • WTP – of course for a web developer ;-)
  • Subversive – for SVN integration
  • JBoss Tools – nice XHTML (facelets) editor, web.xml editor, faces-config editor and more
  • m2Eclipse – cool maven integration
  • EclEmma – code coverage
  • TeamCity – continues integration platform
  • MoreUnit – jump from Code to Unittest, create new Test if not exists
  • TestNG – integration for these unittests

What are your prefered plugins?

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