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  • Andreas Höhmann 8:57 am Thursday, 24. June 2010 Permalink |
    Tags: , editor templates, mylyn   

    Mylyn 3.4 is out and I provided a feature :-D 

    Juhu … Version 3.4 of Mylyn is out …

    An overview of the New & Noteworthy features is at:

    For this version I provided a little feature … „Editor-Template for Active Task

    Mylyn 3.4 active task editor template

    Try it out! 😀

  • Andreas Höhmann 9:47 am Friday, 4. December 2009 Permalink |
    Tags: , mylyn,   

    QcMylyn 0.2.7 is out! 

    The QC Mylyn Team proudly presents the 0.2.7 Release …



    Eclipse Update Site

    We need Feedback! 😀

  • Andreas Höhmann 9:54 am Wednesday, 28. October 2009 Permalink |
    Tags: com4j, , , mylyn, qc,   

    Quality Center Mylyn Integration 

    There is a interesting project at sourceforge called qcMylyn.  The projects aims to provide a Mylyn connector for Quality Center. Support Eclipse 3.4.2, 3.5, Mylyn 3.0.5+.

    I tried the released version 0.2.4 but it didn’t work because at work we are using an older version of QualityCenter (9.1). But this was no big problem I have the sourcecode (OS rocks) and I’m a programmer 😉

    I found out that a other project called QcTools4J contains the java code for manipulation a QC system. They using a com4j bridge to bind QC’s otaclient.dll.

    If you have trouble with a older/newer version of QC you have to update the qctools4j.

    You find a short tutorial how to update qctools4j here. (read this first) … then you will come to the point where you want create a new otaclient.jar from you local otaclient.dll. Here is my simple solution for that.

    I create my own otaclient maven project with the following pom:

    <project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""

    I using the maven-com4j-plugin to generate the java layer for otaclient.

    All you have to do is to extract your „qc client package“ (could be download from every qc server page) into src/qc and start mvn clean package.

    Then target will contain a otaclient- Copy this jar into qctools4j/lib/com.mercury.qualitycenter.otaclient-9.2.jar and rebuild qctools4j. That’s all 🙂


    Then copy the qctools4j.jar into org.tszadel.qctools and rebuild the whole eclipse feature.


    Try it 🙂

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